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Pizza & Pasta

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Orange spaghetti with carrot-walnut-topping
Colourful topped vegan pumpkin pizza with smoked tofu, red onions and spring onions
Pizza wrap with fruity pineapple and ajvar
Delicious au gratin with tomatoes, scalloped with vegan alternative to mozzarella
Spaghetti with self-made vegan pesto with lemon note
Delicious vegetable-pizza with green asparagus and potatoes
Vegan pasta dish with vegan alternative to tuna and tomato sauce
Italian delicacy with vegan alternative to tuna and onions
Delicious vegan lasagna with basil
Potato pizza pieces with sour cream and self-made broccoli-pesto
Tasty mini dumplings with vegetable filling and vegan alternative to cream cheese
Cheesy Crust Tricolore-Pizza with melted alternative to mozzarella crust