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Homemade lemonade for cool refreshment on hot summer days!
Creamy soup with chestnuts, celery and home made parsley-pesto
Savoury yeast twist with spicy arrabiata filling
Vegan alternative to fried duck nuggets on puff pastry with fresh salad with almonds and pomegranate
Colourful filled cucumber halves with fresh tomatoes, couscous and silken tofu
Creamy asparagus soup with sugar snaps and fresh garden cress
Rustic fennel salad with capers, tomatoes and crispy ciabatta crostini
Dried dates, coated with vegan alternative to carpaccio, fresh shallots and spicy marinade
Colourful glass noodle salad with crispy tofu in strudel dough
Juicy pears with vegan alternative to carpaccio slices and hearty Marsala sauce
Colourful layer salad with fresh vegetables and vegan alternatives from cheese and ham
Vegan alternative to king prawns with prosecco-cocktail sauce in pastry shell
Filled tomatoes with spicy vegan alternative to tuna-avocado salad