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Not only looks great - tastes great! Our delicious dessert recipe can be prepared in just a few minutes! What are you waiting for?
The powerful ice cream made from purely vegetable products. Be nice to everyone with Nicecream!
The ideal cooling for hot summer days! Our recipe with delicious blueberries will cool you down immediately!
The perfect vegan ice recipe for hot summer days! Always a guaranteed success!
Our fruity mousse with strawberry and lemon is the perfect dessert for the summer – either to enjoy pure, as froth for light sponge cake rolls or as filling in chocolate confectionery - in every case a culinary delight!
Delicious vanilla-rice pudding with sweet almond-caramel topping. A dream!
We love this delicious dessert from the Scottish cuisine in a wintery variation: Raspberry-Cranachan with whisky and Christmassy flavor!
Plum meets pear! We serve fruity filled yeast turnovers fresh from the oven!
Reinterpretation of a delicious classic of the sweet tooth kitchen! Brings banana and cherry juice to the table!
A sweet-fruity delicacy for breakfast or brunch.
Something different this time: Chocolate egg – filled with apricots & figs
The sweet Japanese response to each fish-fan
Vegan fruit dessert in yeast dough, that’s the way hot dogs should look like
Vegan elderflower snack with pancake dough – also delicious with vanilla ice cream
Crispy creamy dessert delicacy with blueberries and self-made crunchies
Delicious juicy plum cake with pears and almonds
Self-made vegan ice cream with crispy popcorn and caramel sauce
Tipsy cake-pop – ideal for each party
Breaded vegan curd dumplings with fruity berry-sauce
Fruity vegan tiramisu with crispy rhubarb – best to eat it fresh from the garden
Delicious vegan chocolate-dessert with chia seeds – serve with fruits
Juicy cake-pop in heart shape
Self-made vegan pastries with amaretto-cream, fresh red currant and chopped almonds
Delicious vegan christmas pastries