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Fresh asia vegetables, sweet and sour style, with rice and crispy Okara
Vegan moussaka with tofu, aubergines, potatoes and crispy cheese crust
Filled puff pastry with spicy pumpkin-chili
Fried mushroom-mix with tofu and chives
Delicious vegan duck with pear-red cabbage and glazed chestnuts
Vegan soy roast with potatoes, chickpeas and cream kohlrabi
Crispy Tarte Flambee with hearty carpaccio with peppers and onions
Delicious meal with vegan alternative to bratwurst and potato salad, Franconian style
Soy strips with white mushrooms, asparagus cream and rice
Vegan rice casserole with broccoli floret and soy strips
Hearty buckwheat galette with green asparagus
Fruity cashew-potato curry with coconut drink and pineapple, with rice
Cheesy Crust Tricolore-Pizza with melted alternative to mozzarella crust
Fried mozzarisella-slices with cornflakes breading, fresh tomatoes and crispy bread crisps
Colourful filled cucumber halves with fresh tomatoes, couscous and silken tofu
Self-made fried couscous falafel with fine spicy paprika sauce
Creamy asparagus soup with sugar snaps and fresh garden cress
Rustic fennel salad with capers, tomatoes and crispy ciabatta crostini
Dried dates, coated with vegan alternative to carpaccio, fresh shallots and spicy marinade
Colourful glass noodle salad with crispy tofu in strudel dough
Crispy self-made flatbread with savoury tomato-chili-salsa
Juicy pears with vegan alternative to carpaccio slices and hearty Marsala sauce
Hearty vegan alternative on sausage salad with onions and pickles, Nabburg style
Organic vegetable patty in potato fritter bun with tomato chutney