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Vegan schnitzel with vegan alternative to ham-cheese filling, red cabbage and potato salad
Vegan soy medaillons with smoked bacon and sage-butter gnocchi
Juicy grill-sticks with delicious, colourful vegetable/rice salad
Greek bread delicacy with grill vegetables and vegan alternative to cheese
Crispy vegan cereal bars, the prefect snack for sports and in between – easy self-made at home.
Summerly-fresh vegan cheese cake with pineapple pieces
Delicious vegan apple pies with self-made ice cream, caramelised nuts and rum-raisins
Sweet vegan apple.vanilla casserole from the oven with raisins and a lot childhood memories
Crispy vegan soy schnitzel with rocket-potato puree and garlic-pepper-cucumber salad
Creamy mousse-dessert with fruity raspberries
Crispy potato-pumpkin rosties with spicy vegan alternative to cottage cheese
Delicious vegan lasagna with basil
Tasty mini dumplings with vegetable filling and vegan alternative to cream cheese
Crispy fried vegan drum sticks with fruity Brussel sprout orange vegetables
Vegan alternative to beef fillet with spicy pepper-sauce and pasta
Pepper flavoured zurich style veal in cream with vegan alternative to chicken fillet pieces and long grain rice
Spicy baked potato with vegan alternative to cheese, vegetable or soy filling
Potato pizza pieces with sour cream and self-made broccoli-pesto
Hungarian goulash with red wine and pear barley
Potato fritter role with fresh salad filling and vegan cocktail-dip
Hearty vegan spring rolls with fresh vegetable filling
Delicious pancakes with vegan alternative to ham and tofu-spinach filling
Hearty Swabian Knöpfle with vegan alternative to cheese and crispy fried onions
Creepy-tasty party burger menu for vegan connoisseurs