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Filled vegan yeast dough hearts with elderberry/blueberry filling
Delicious yeast dough wheels with sprinkles and fruity red currant filling with vanilla glaze
Vegan strudel with fruity apricot filling and crispy almonds
The mother of all dessert pastries in its most luscious form: the blueberry pancake
This Italian cult-pastry with nuts belongs to espresso like creamy foam on top of the cappuccino
Delicious vegan dessert made from pears, packed in puff pastry with date/almond filling
French dessert delicacy with fruity strawberry filling
Enjoy the vegan variety of the legendary cowboy snack
Dreamy vegan dessert with gingerbread flavour
Juicy apple cookies made of shortcrust with a topping made from almonds and vegan alternative to dark chocolate
Juicy filled yeast twist with cherries, almonds and marzipan
Summerly dessert from Sicilia with water melon and mint
Vegan dessert delicacy made from breaded semolina pudding and strawberries
Luscious casserole with leek and soy schnitzel
Vegan napkin dumplings with tofu in creamy mushroom-sauce
Vegan meatballs – warm or cold, always a treat
Spaghetti with self-made vegan pesto with lemon note
Delicious vegetable-pizza with green asparagus and potatoes
Vegan pasta dish with vegan alternative to tuna and tomato sauce
Italian delicacy with vegan alternative to tuna and onions
Colourful grilled vegetables from the oven with vegan alternative to steak and orange note
Crispy yeast dough with onions and fruity tomatoes
Juicy oven dish with courgette and potatoes, scalloped with crispy vegan alternative to cheese
The perfect dessert for cold winter days – and all other days.