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Festive vegan roast with red wine sauce and nut dumplings
Vegan rice dish with fresh vegetables and vegan turkey strips
Colourful filled rocket dumplings in onions sauce – ideal with vegan roast
Colourful topped vegan pumpkin pizza with smoked tofu, red onions and spring onions
Vegan alternative to Goulash - delicious with potatoes and parsley
This vegan classic shouldn’t be missed at any Easter table
Crispy creamy dessert delicacy with blueberries and self-made crunchies
Delicious juicy plum cake with pears and almonds
Self-made vegan ice cream with crispy popcorn and caramel sauce
Tipsy cake-pop – ideal for each party
Breaded vegan curd dumplings with fruity berry-sauce
Self-made vegan rice cake for bramble-fans
Fruity vegan tiramisu with crispy rhubarb – best to eat it fresh from the garden
Nurembergs Christmas delicacy in vegan perfection
Delicious vegan chocolate-dessert with chia seeds – serve with fruits
Juicy cake-pop in heart shape
Self-made vegan pastries with amaretto-cream, fresh red currant and chopped almonds
Juicy vegan stollen with pumpkin and sweet cranberries
Delicious vegan christmas pastries
Creamy Venetian dessert delicacy with coffee and mint
The vegan substitute to one of the most loved chocolate desserts
Fresh tiramisu with Neapolitan wafers and fine lemon note
Delicious vegan apple cake with marzipan note – serve and eat warm
Self-made vegan ice cream dessert in orange peel cup