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A mediteranean delight with rustic focaccia and fruity grape-salad!
Meat-free, easy to cook and as tasty as its culinary ideal: our recipe for marinated vegan beefalternative, served with filled potato dumplings.
Asparagus the other way - with rhubarb-ketchup and virginia steak
Sweet strawberry cake for every occasion
Juicy vegan brownies with mint topping
British tea cakes with self-made pear jelly
Sweet Scottish short bread in match stick look
The sweet Japanese response to each fish-fan
Vegan fruit dessert in yeast dough, that’s the way hot dogs should look like
Vegan French shortcrust cake with fruity blood oranges
Delicious puff pastry dumplings with creamy vanilla-poppy filling
A must have for each coffee table – the perfect vegan gift for a coffee party with friends
Shortcrust cake, French style with lemon
Pizza wrap with fruity pineapple and ajvar
Vegan fondue-menu with potato wedges, different dips and a vegan alternative to cheese sauce
Delicious au gratin with tomatoes, scalloped with vegan alternative to mozzarella
The perfect side dish for grilling or for your party
Vegan salad, made from grilled potatoes, caramelised snow peas and spring onions
Vegan elderflower snack with pancake dough – also delicious with vanilla ice cream
Crispy self-made flatbread with savoury kiwi-avocado-salsa
Creamy soup with chestnuts, celery and home made parsley-pesto
Savoury yeast twist with spicy arrabiata filling
Vegan alternative to fried duck nuggets on puff pastry with fresh salad with almonds and pomegranate