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Delicious sweets are the topping of each coffee table. These little cakes aren’t just a treat for the eyes!
Sweet and spicy appetizer – serve with rocket to create a visual and tasty highlight!
Poppy-Seed – delicious and healthy! Try our recipe for juicy cake with sweet pears.
Light cuisine to the beginning of autumn - with gnocchi in fine polenta served with an autumnal ratatouille.
Fresh, tasty and quickly served! Use it as spread or dip for vegetables and grilled food!
Plum meets pear! We serve fruity filled yeast turnovers fresh from the oven!
Juicy and fruity cake for any time. Quick and simple preparation!
Reinterpretation of a delicious classic of the sweet tooth kitchen! Brings banana and cherry juice to the table!
A sweet-fruity delicacy for breakfast or brunch.
Fruity curry with nutty note – perfect for aromatic rice!
Hearty dish fresh from the oven! Fine spaetzli with delicious mushrooms and spicy nut-tofu, scalloped with vegan cheesealternative.
A delicious enrichment for every party: sandwiches with juicy ´n spicy farmer salad and fresh cucumber!
Spicy ´n juicy zucchini fries with summerly dip. The perfect snack for in-between meals and the star at each grill buffet.
Fruity ´n summerly potato salad meets spicy soy medallions – let the grilling begin!
A Hungarian delicacy: crispy, vanilla flavoured strudel.
Perfect for the quick and delicious summer-cuisine: our recipe for pea mint soup – tasty, hot or cold!
Summer’s gettin‘ hot – bring some colour to the table with our spicy-hot ‘n fruity Hawaii-Bagels with delicious onion confit!
A perfect play with tomato and pear - seasoned with maple syrup
Animal friendly, hearty potato buns, served with creamy sauerkraut
Delicious asparagus in pastry with refreshing orange sauce
Fancy Noodle Burger with Teriyaki Tofu and Chinese cabbage salad
Orange spaghetti with carrot-walnut-topping
Something different this time: Chocolate egg – filled with apricots & figs
Falafel as waffle with colourful potpourri and mango chutney