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This Gentleman decorates every festive table – we bring a classic of the confectionery to the vegan coffee table and present our tipsy Herrentorte with a delicious marzipan-wine-spread!
Our culinary orient express brings you a luxurious meal from 1001 Nights:
delicious bulgur with roasted vermicelli, spicy-fruity rosemary-pears and spicy marinated spaetzle spits – Buon appetito!
Experience the feeling of a real American dinner with our vegan alternative to Pulled Chicken Burger – with the classic burger-sauce, of course vegan, a special treat!
Do you know „Himmel & Erd“, the tasty classic from the German-Rhenish cuisine?
This tasty dish combines apples from the trees (heaven) and potatoes (from the earth) – our new-interpretation makes a Gourmet-Appetizer out of the plain fare and adds the element „Water“ with delicious red algae as side dish!
Our fine, soft Laugen-Croissants with a hearty-spicy filling made from Bluerisella and a vegan alternative to ham are perfect for breakfast and taste great in every vegan fingerfood-buffet!
Even people who don't like carnival will love our colorful confetti-cake – it brings fun on every dessert plate!
Experience an Irish sea breeze with our spicy cheese-scones & healthy red algae – delicious for breakfast, brunch or as side dish for your afternoon tea!
We serve a delicious combination of the French and the Tex-Mex cuisine.
An exquisite pita bread-quiche with spicy chili-polenta-filling!
We present an appetizer with a wow-effect – our fruity bell pepper-salad with fresh herb-melt and crunchy potato-stripes persuades optically and in taste!
We serve potato salad in an untypically style – roasted golden brown with a fruity and fine mustard cream and colorful roasted bell pepper!
Delicious vanilla-rice pudding with sweet almond-caramel topping. A dream!
We serve the king of salads in a delicious variant with tasty, colorful red lenses Fusilli and golden brown roasted fillet pieces – Enjoy your meal!
A hearty hangover breakfast is the right thing to do after New Year's Eve: Start the New Year with our piquant rolls, delicious lucky pigs and a powerful anti-alcoholic Bloody Mary!
We celebrate Christmas with a delicious roast Wellington through our interpretation - of course vegan and with delicious oven vegetables as well as a festive sauce!
We serve the traditional Christmas-vegetable red cabbage: as colorful and creative appetizer this dish is a great starter for every Christmassy dinner!
Vegan alternative to duck with cabbage rolls in a different style. Vegan and creative served, this dish fits every taste – we’re sure about that.
Get some Christmas feeling with this sickly-sweet chocolate muffin-bears – these delicious chocolatey muffins with delicious cookies are a culinary delight on every coffee table!
A specialty from the Swabia: delicious and spicy Hitzkuchen (Tarte Flambee) from the iron sheet!
We love this delicious dessert from the Scottish cuisine in a wintery variation: Raspberry-Cranachan with whisky and Christmassy flavor!
Discover healthy white cabbage on a new culinary way: with pure roast-flavor from the oven!
Served with juicy cabbage-meat balls made from soy and a delicious, spicy gravy with fruity cherry flavor. <3
Hearty-nutty mushrooms with handmade cashew sauce for every occasion. Quick preparation for the favourite dish potential!
Celebrate October with sweet pumpkin-styled yeast pastries and spicy pumpkin-macchiato – ready for a colourful Halloween-table!
Start fall with a spicy and hearty dish – rustic and unique!
Maybe the most delicious way to serve pumpkin: as fruity and fresh ketchup! No matter if vegan grill sausagesalternative, chips, vegetables or even as spread – simply delicious!