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Vegan Recipes

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A classic among fast food recipes. Always delicious!
Heavenly light and super delicious: Our vegan recipe for an irresistible summer salad! Mango and pomegranate seeds provide an absolute summer feeling!
For the party buffet or for dinner at home: a sandwich is always possible! Depending on how big the hunger is, this meal can simply be stacked higher.
The healthy refreshing drink with the best of the power root. So you can start the day well supplied.
Homemade lemonade for cool refreshment on hot summer days!
We enjoy the spring to the full and serve you wonderfully spicy wild garlic scones: whether pure, coated with vegetable butter or vegan alternative to cream cheese – these little Englishmen are simply delicious!
Do you know „Himmel & Erd“, the tasty classic from the German-Rhenish cuisine?
This tasty dish combines apples from the trees (heaven) and potatoes (from the earth) – our new-interpretation makes a Gourmet-Appetizer out of the plain fare and adds the element „Water“ with delicious red algae as side dish!
Our fine, soft Laugen-Croissants with a hearty-spicy filling made from Bluerisella and a vegan alternative to ham are perfect for breakfast and taste great in every vegan fingerfood-buffet!
Experience an Irish sea breeze with our spicy cheese-scones & healthy red algae – delicious for breakfast, brunch or as side dish for your afternoon tea!
We present an appetizer with a wow-effect – our fruity bell pepper-salad with fresh herb-melt and crunchy potato-stripes persuades optically and in taste!
We serve the traditional Christmas-vegetable red cabbage: as colorful and creative appetizer this dish is a great starter for every Christmassy dinner!
Vegan alternative to duck with cabbage rolls in a different style. Vegan and creative served, this dish fits every taste – we’re sure about that.
Sweet and spicy appetizer – serve with rocket to create a visual and tasty highlight!
Fresh, tasty and quickly served! Use it as spread or dip for vegetables and grilled food!
Perfect for the quick and delicious summer-cuisine: our recipe for pea mint soup – tasty, hot or cold!
A perfect play with tomato and pear - seasoned with maple syrup
A mediteranean delight with rustic focaccia and fruity grape-salad!
Crispy self-made flatbread with savoury kiwi-avocado-salsa
Creamy soup with chestnuts, celery and home made parsley-pesto
Savoury yeast twist with spicy arrabiata filling
Vegan alternative to fried duck nuggets on puff pastry with fresh salad with almonds and pomegranate
Colourful filled cucumber halves with fresh tomatoes, couscous and silken tofu
Creamy asparagus soup with sugar snaps and fresh garden cress
Rustic fennel salad with capers, tomatoes and crispy ciabatta crostini