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Ai ai captain! A tasty burger you want to bite into right away.
A classic among fast food recipes. Always delicious!
The Jackfruit is as versatile as the various dishes that can be prepared with the vegetable meat substitute. We love the easy recipe with jackfruit, vegetables and salad. It comes with a homemade teriyaki sauce.
A delicious classic at the beginning of autumn! Knoepfle in a creamy melting sauce - just the right recipe for the rainy season!
Not only looks great - tastes great! Our delicious dessert recipe can be prepared in just a few minutes! What are you waiting for?
Heavenly light and super delicious: Our vegan recipe for an irresistible summer salad! Mango and pomegranate seeds provide an absolute summer feeling!
The powerful ice cream made from purely vegetable products. Be nice to everyone with Nicecream!
For the party buffet or for dinner at home: a sandwich is always possible! Depending on how big the hunger is, this meal can simply be stacked higher.
The ideal cooling for hot summer days! Our recipe with delicious blueberries will cool you down immediately!
The healthy refreshing drink with the best of the power root. So you can start the day well supplied.
The perfect vegan ice recipe for hot summer days! Always a guaranteed success!
Red cabbage salad with a vegan alternative to sausages - our absolute favourite recipe during the barbecue season!
With our vegan Deluxe Burger every barbecue evening will be a treat! Hmmmmmmm delicious - you want to bite into it right away!
Our favourite vegan recipe when it comes to brownies! With original Schakalode Monsters for really nasty moments!
The power snack for in between from raw ingredients. Super tasty and completely natural with green Matcha tea!
The delicious meal with a touch of Asian flair. The vegan jackfruit is the natural meat substitute made from jackfruit in a thai marinade!
Homemade lemonade for cool refreshment on hot summer days!
Pulled Jackfruit instead of Pulled Pork! The vegan jackfruit is the natural meat substitute made from jackfruit in a delicious barbeque marinade!
A kitchen classic for lunch with the family: we serve spicy horseradish roulades with fruity pear-mashed potatoes and fresh sage in combination with a delicious red wine gravy – Enjoy your meal!
Who said „Ketchup is boring“? We bring variety and colour to your (grill) plate with this fruity-spicy ketchup variant! To that we serve crunchy country potatoes with a mustard-agave marinade – Enjoy your meal!
Our fruity mousse with strawberry and lemon is the perfect dessert for the summer – either to enjoy pure, as froth for light sponge cake rolls or as filling in chocolate confectionery - in every case a culinary delight!
We enjoy the spring to the full and serve you wonderfully spicy wild garlic scones: whether pure, coated with vegetable butter or vegan alternative to cream cheese – these little Englishmen are simply delicious!
Do you fancy a juicy rissole with sweet potato and delicious Veggie-Tuna? To this we serve grilled vegetables composed of young asparagus and spring onions and a fresh herb dip with capers!
What could be better than a juicy, breaded celery-schnitzel?
We cook a savory cordon bleu au céleri-rave with crispy spelt-breading!
To that we serve wonderfully spicy mashed potatoes with a tapenade made of artichokes, dried tomatoes, olives and a hot-fruity cucumber salad.
We present a real “show-off recipe” for your perfect Easter brunch: salty rolls made from light roll paste filled with fruity carrot salad and home-made vegan alternative to meat salad!
This delicious “giant carrots” are the star on the Easter breakfast table <3
This Gentleman decorates every festive table – we bring a classic of the confectionery to the vegan coffee table and present our tipsy Herrentorte with a delicious marzipan-wine-spread!
Our culinary orient express brings you a luxurious meal from 1001 Nights:
delicious bulgur with roasted vermicelli, spicy-fruity rosemary-pears and spicy marinated spaetzle spits – Buon appetito!
Experience the feeling of a real American dinner with our vegan alternative to Pulled Chicken Burger – with the classic burger-sauce, of course vegan, a special treat!
Do you know „Himmel & Erd“, the tasty classic from the German-Rhenish cuisine?
This tasty dish combines apples from the trees (heaven) and potatoes (from the earth) – our new-interpretation makes a Gourmet-Appetizer out of the plain fare and adds the element „Water“ with delicious red algae as side dish!
Our fine, soft Laugen-Croissants with a hearty-spicy filling made from Bluerisella and a vegan alternative to ham are perfect for breakfast and taste great in every vegan fingerfood-buffet!
Even people who don't like carnival will love our colorful confetti-cake – it brings fun on every dessert plate!
Experience an Irish sea breeze with our spicy cheese-scones & healthy red algae – delicious for breakfast, brunch or as side dish for your afternoon tea!
We serve a delicious combination of the French and the Tex-Mex cuisine.
An exquisite pita bread-quiche with spicy chili-polenta-filling!
We present an appetizer with a wow-effect – our fruity bell pepper-salad with fresh herb-melt and crunchy potato-stripes persuades optically and in taste!
We serve potato salad in an untypically style – roasted golden brown with a fruity and fine mustard cream and colorful roasted bell pepper!
Delicious vanilla-rice pudding with sweet almond-caramel topping. A dream!
We serve the king of salads in a delicious variant with tasty, colorful red lenses Fusilli and golden brown roasted fillet pieces – Enjoy your meal!
A hearty hangover breakfast is the right thing to do after New Year's Eve: Start the New Year with our piquant rolls, delicious lucky pigs and a powerful anti-alcoholic Bloody Mary!
We celebrate Christmas with a delicious roast Wellington through our interpretation - of course vegan and with delicious oven vegetables as well as a festive sauce!
We serve the traditional Christmas-vegetable red cabbage: as colorful and creative appetizer this dish is a great starter for every Christmassy dinner!
Vegan alternative to duck with cabbage rolls in a different style. Vegan and creative served, this dish fits every taste – we’re sure about that.
Get some Christmas feeling with this sickly-sweet chocolate muffin-bears – these delicious chocolatey muffins with delicious cookies are a culinary delight on every coffee table!
A specialty from the Swabia: delicious and spicy Hitzkuchen (Tarte Flambee) from the iron sheet!
We love this delicious dessert from the Scottish cuisine in a wintery variation: Raspberry-Cranachan with whisky and Christmassy flavor!
Discover healthy white cabbage on a new culinary way: with pure roast-flavor from the oven!
Served with juicy cabbage-meat balls made from soy and a delicious, spicy gravy with fruity cherry flavor. <3
Hearty-nutty mushrooms with handmade cashew sauce for every occasion. Quick preparation for the favourite dish potential!
Celebrate October with sweet pumpkin-styled yeast pastries and spicy pumpkin-macchiato – ready for a colourful Halloween-table!
Start fall with a spicy and hearty dish – rustic and unique!