Vegan recipes

You want to  culinarily convince your family and friends of the veggie lifestyle or want to spoil yourself with delicious meals and search for recipe ideas?

Together with our passionate VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM-kitchen queen Sophie Mathisz, we create new, vegan recipes with purely vegetable specialties from our product range weekly. And the best thing is: You can directly put the needed articles into your online basket.

Have a good time while cooking and enjoying!

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This Gentleman decorates every festive table – we bring a classic of the confectionery to the vegan coffee table and present our tipsy Herrentorte with a delicious marzipan-wine-cream!

Our culinary orient express brings you a luxurious meal from 1001 Nights:
delicious bulgur with roasted vermicelli, spicy-fruity rosemary-pears and spicy marinated spaetzle spits – Buon appetito!

Do you know „Himmel & Erd“, the tasty classic from the German-Rhenish cuisine?
This tasty dish combines apples from the trees (heaven) and potatoes (from the earth) – our new-interpretation makes a Gourmet-Appetizer out of the plain fare and adds the element „Water“ with delicious red algae as side dish!

Discover healthy white cabbage on a new culinary way: with pure roast-flavor from the oven!
Served with juicy cabbage-meat balls made from soy and a delicious, spicy gravy with fruity cherry flavor. <3