Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dispatch-related questions

Our shipping costs for your order are:

Within Germany and Austria: 4,90 EUR for an order value below 49,00 EUR. Over 49,00 EUR your order ships for free.

Within the European Union: 12,90 EUR for an order value below 79.00 EUR. Over 79.00 EUR your order ships for free.

EFTA (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein): The shipping costs are 19,90 EUR (gross - i.e. 16,72 EUR net for 19% VAT and 18,60 EUR net for 7% VAT).

All other countries: The shipping costs are 49,90 EUR

Of course we are constantly negotiating with our delivery service companies in order to offer our customers the best prices possible.

Your order is dispatched as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours provided that the product is in stock and the bank transfer is made in advance. Within the European Union your package is usually delivered within 5 working days (depending on country and region). If you’d like more information take a look at Dispatch & return.

We are happy to send your order all over the world provided that dispatch is made possible by the respective national import regulations of the destination country.

Even though we do not have a branch office or a sale at our disposal in Nabburg you can nevertheless come to collect your order from our online shop there.
Just call us for arranging a pick-up date: +49 9433-20413300

Discount-related questions

Yes, it is - our so-called V-Points. You are collecting these with every order. As soon as you have collected enough V-Points you can easily & comfortably convert those into a voucher in our shop. Find all the your benefits of our bonus point program as well as a detailed instruction here.

Product-related questions

It is difficult to answer this question as each product has a different best-before-date :-)
You are welcome to call our colleagues of customer service (telephone: + 49 9433-20413300) and ask for the desired products. There they can tell you right away which best-before-date the respective articles currently have. Unfortunately, with respect to best-before dates we are dependent on the manufacturers and an early delivery and sadly we only have limited influence on this. For our fresh products we always pay close attention that their best-before-date is at least 10 days. Should this be not sufficient for you because you wish for an extra-long best-before-date, you can inform us about this during the order process (step 4. Field: Your message to us). We’ll then do our best to put articles with a longer best-before-date in your package.

Of course we have a recycling programme :-) You are welcome to return to us thermos boxes including the aluminium insulation foil and ice packs any time. We credit you 3.00 EUR (voucher) per thermos box (= aluminium insulation). However, the aluminium foil may only be folded at the marked positions, otherwise it can neither be reused nor refunded. We refund 0.30 EUR after receipt of each ice pack you don’t need any more. But unfortunately, we cannot bear the shipping costs; hence it is recommendable to wait until you have some more ice packs to send back to us.

Each product can be rated by you and other customers. You find those ratings under the descriptions of the products each. There you can rate your favourites concerning taste, consistency, nutrition and the product description in our shop. This does not only help other customers but especially us to expand, evaluate and plan our assortment.

Please feel free to inform us about any product that you haven’t found yet in our online shop. We’ll pass your wish right on to our purchasing department. It may be possible that your desired product may soon be added to our product range.

Our product range consists of about 40% organic and/or fair trade products. Some products are not certified organic and/or fair trade because such a certification is very costly and expensive. Therefore, many manufacturers/suppliers go without such certifications even though their standard of raw material production is the same and would often meet the necessary criteria. However, in general we always make sure if and how our producers and suppliers grow/ harvest/ process their raw materials/products. We pay close attention that these are not purchased on the world market but that everything from purchase to farming is traceable and that it is ethically/morally and ecologically acceptable for us. Of course we are constantly working on offering an increasing number of our products also in organic and fair trade quality in the future!

Unfortunately, VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM has no influence on products of other manufacturers. However, in order to offer our customers high-quality products, preferably without palm oil, we are constantly in contact with our manufacturers. Many manufacturers though will continue to be dependent on this raw material, since it has certain unique qualities other oils do not have. At present, there is no raw material for the extraction of vegetable fats yet that is more environmentally friendly. But we can also tell you that palm oil used for food, especially for organic food from our suppliers, comes in most cases from certified plantations that do not contribute to the clearing of the rain forests. These sustainably managed plantations are farmed by contract farmers who do not cooperate with companies that promote the destruction of the tropical forests. Some companies even invest large sums every year in projects to support sustainable cultivation of palm trees and commit themselves to stop deforestation and slash-and-burn clearing of endangered forests and countries. Furthermore, companies of the vegan/vegetarian sector cannot directly be compared with multinational companies which have - deliberately and on their behalf - woods cleared to construct their plantations there. The good news is that generally rather small amounts of palm oil are used for food production. Most palm oil is used for fuel and heating fuel. Principally, palm oil is purely vegetable. Whether the processing of palm oil is compatible with the vegan lifestyle, everyone has to decide for themselves. But of course palm oil is vegan. In addition we certainly do always try to list and promote products from manufacturers which don’t use any palm oil at all. We also are in close contact with our suppliers trying to bring them to certificate their products and to use alternatives to palm oil.

In order to facilitate your search in our shop for products without palm oil, we offer you the possibility to use our product and allergy filter. With this you can for example search for products containing no palm oil.


Please contact us immediately in writing or by phone in case of missing or damaged articles or in case of wrong delivery. Of course it doesn’t affect your legal warranty rights if you should fail to contact us promptly. However, by contacting us immediately, you help us to identify the potential source of error and to steadily improve our service for you.

Technical difficulties - questions

Such problems are mostly due to browser settings that are disadvantageous for the shop. In this case it is helpful to delete the cache and the browser history, respectively and also to lower possibly too high security settings to a standard level. Cookies of the shop must not be blocked since this leads to faults with the registration or with correctly displaying the site. If login problems should continue, please contact us in writing or by phone. Our customer support will take care of the problem right away!

Use the search field in the navigation to search for specific articles. You can either enter the product’s article number or name. Or use the detailed search where you can select additional options for more precise results. Alternatively you can find another search field at the bottom of our welcome page where you can also find suggestions like the most searched terms. If you are not searching for a specific product but for a product with specific properties maybe our allergy filter is the best way for you to go

If you like to add products to your shopping cart, simply click on the catalogues in the menu in order to get back to our assortment of products. In the listing view as well as on the product page you can pick you can easily pick the desired product and "add it to your shopping bag" (Button) in the desired quantity. You can as well edit the quantity later in your shopping cart.

If you have by mistake added a product to the shopping cart, you can remove it again at any time without problems. Simply click the recycle bin icon in your shopping cart at the desired position. Through this, the total price and the remaining quantity are recalculated.

Provided that you have already ordered from us before and have created a customer account back then, you have access to your personal account via the link “My account". Thereby you have several advantages: To begin with, you can shorten your order process by only entering your email address and your password; the address information is then completed automatically using your customer details known to us. In addition, as a customer you can check your orders and also change your personal details any time by following the link “My account".

That is not a problem! With just one click on “Forgot your password?” we’ll send it to you via email. After that you can change the password in your personal menu if you like to.